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       5/5 Stars              Very pleased

Our church had a family square dance and Carl was our caller for the event. We had approximately 50 participants of all ages (old and young) on the dance floor. Carl was professional and taught us well, and he was able to adjust his program on the fly to match the abilities of our inexperienced group.  I'd definitely book him again and highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone for a similar event!

      Toby Havens              October 1st, 2017               Services Provided: Square Dance Caller

5/5 stars             Dance Lessions for First Dance

Enjoyed working with Carl. He put together a wonderful dance routine for our first dance. He worked with our schedules & even came to us which was awesome. Would recommend him to anyone else wanting learn to dance.

 Amanda Bohannan                      June 18, 2017

  Services Provided: Instruction/Choreography for Wedding, First Dance

·        5/5 stars           Fun dance for individuals with special needs!

Mr. Ballou led a family night square dance event for Champions Special Ministries summer day camp program. This was the final party of the week. Campers, their families, and volunteers enjoyed this fun dance time together. Mr. Ballou did a great job of demonstrating and leading each dance, as well as making appropriate adjustments based on the ability of the campers.                                                                                                                Kelley Morris                August 5, 2016

  Event Date: July 29th, 2016       Services Provided: Square Dance Caller


·        5/5 stars           Excellent!  [Family Reunion in Tontitown]

         This program was fun for all ages! We truly enjoyed our time, learned a lot and had a blast!                                                                                             Amy Johnson               July 18, 2016

            Event Date: July 15th, 2016      Services Provided: Square Dance Caller


·        5/5 stars           Birthday Party Square Dance

         For my wife's birthday, we used Mr. Ballou for a square dance. Our group ranged from grandkids to their 89 year old great grandmother, and all ages in between. Because of his professionalism and feel for the group, Mr. Ballou made the occasion a rousing success! He led us along patiently, first without music--just teaching us the proper steps, then with music as we progressed. Everyone had a terrific time, and we can't recommend Mr. Ballou highly enough.  All the kids insisted that we make this an annual event! I think we will!                                  Don Kotouc               December 6, 2015

            Event Date: November 22nd, 2015     Services Provided: Square Dance Caller


·        5/5 stars           Awesome family fun!!    [Grace Hill Elementary Family Health Night]

          Mr. Ballou was a huge part of our Family Health and Fitness Night! His dancing was enjoyed by all who attended! What a great opportunity!!                      Jennie Rehl                       April 20, 2015  

          Carl did a great job teaching my students, parents and colleagues a variety of folk dances. Everyone had fun, and I hope to have him back soon!        Deanna Kyle                    April 20, 2015

            Event Date: April 16th, 2015             Services Provided: Square Dance Caller


·4/5 stars             Wedding DJ / Barn Dance Program

Carl provided the square dancing and DJ services at my daughter's wedding in Tennessee. He drove from NW Arkansas, was on time and provided services he committed to. We really enjoyed the square dance lessons because he taught it in a way everyone could follow, since we were practically all beginners.                                                              Kathy Luedtke                 October 8, 2014

            Event Date: September 6th, 2014            Services Provided: Wedding DJ


· 5/5 stars             Barn Dance Program

       CBDanceman was flexible with our needs, was knowledgeable and enjoyed teaching dancing to a group that had        never square danced before. We had a great celebration!                                                                                                                                              Linda Graham                   July 18, 2014        

            Event Date: July 4th, 2014                     Services Provided: Square Dance Caller

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