Family Barn Dance Program


$150* for up to 2 Hours

The Barn Dance is 2 hours long and starts with simple non-partner dances that anyone can do with a short period of instruction. Carl uses a wireless mic and demonstrates all dances from the center of the floor. Each new dance builds on the previous dance skills, and he adjusts the program to each group’s ability to ensure maximum participation and enjoyment. 


No Partner or Experience Necessary!

Basic contra, square dance, and circle figures are introduced, with couple, mixer, and non-partner dances included throughout the program. With 2 short breaks for refreshments and announcements, the dancing commences with fun novelty dances such as the Hokey Pokey, Macarena, and Chicken Dance.   


Fun for All Ages!

The Barn Dance is a unique activity that families can do together!  It is also perfect for a Father/Daughter (or Mother/Son) Themed Dances for youth organizations and schools!

And it all concludes with the traditional Virginia Reel and Big Circle Dance.