School Instruction

Daytime Dance Instruction

Carl instructs students at 2nd Grade Hoedown

Dance was an essential part of America's Heritage, helping to bring together communities of people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

For young students, dancing melds music and movement, enhances social skills, and engages the mind and body in healthy activity.

Carl talks about the history of various dances, then gives brief instruction/demonstration and lets the fun begin.

Recommended for 2nd Grade and up,

 Carl customizes the program and selects dances that are appropriate for the group's age range and skill level.

Bridging the Gap

In the twentieth century, children in primary and middle schools were taught “folk dancing” as part of their school curriculum, usually in their PE or music programs, and "square dancing" was offered as a lunchtime or after-school club. The benefits of learning these dances were clearly evident to those teachers who were involved, especially improvement in social skills. Also noticed were changes in children’s confidence and alertness, and their ability to concentrate better on reading and writing.  In the late 1980s the educational establishment, facing budget restraints, imposed changes in curriculum, and music, dance, art and creativity slowly began to be squeezed out of the school day.

In recent years, some schools have begun to reintroduce country dancing as a school activity, but many have lost the few teachers still able to teach it. CBDanceman is striving to bridge that gap with in-school programs in NW Arkansas. 

Special Pricing for Daytime Programs

2nd Grade Students promenade their partners around the floor.

As low as $60* for a 90 minute program

The Daytime School Instruction Series qualifies for discounted rates, especially when paired with Multi-Event Contracts. These other events may include Back to School Night, Harvest Festival, Snow Ball, Spring Fling, Club Fund Raiser, or other evening activities that involve students, parents, and staff dancing together.

Carl is also available as a caller for a school sponsored Square Dance Club.


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