Carl Ballou, AKA CBDanceman,

...  has been a dance leader for over 30 years, Emceeing Folk and Square Dance programs for Churches, Schools, Scout Troupes, YMCA groups, youth organizations, and other functions from California to Missouri.

Carl's specialty

 ... is taking a group with little or no dance experience and introduce them to the joy of dancing. His Barn Dance programs (about 2 hours long) consist of fun, easy dances from America's Heritage that everyone can do - with brief instruction from the floor.

Carl has worked with groups of all ages, from school kids to seniors, a wide range of abilities, including troubled youth and handicapped, and even a young adult church group where half the dancers were deaf.

"First Dance", Ballroom Instruction, and DJ Services

Carl can also provide customized "First Dance" choreography for Bridal Couples, private and small group instruction in Basic Ballroom Dances, and DJ services for Special Events and Weddings. 

Let Carl show the fun he can bring for your group/organization/function. 

More About Our Services

Carl Ballou

... grew up in a folk dancing family. Born & raised in San Jose, California, he was dragged out onto the floor at a YMCA family folk dance camp at age 5 and introduced to fun dances such as Hokey Pokey and Virginia Reel. Returning to the camp each Labor Day Weekend with his family, by 14 he had learned waltz, polka, schottische, contra, quadrille, and square dances, plus other folk dances from around the world. 

In high school, Carl and his family were taking weekly classes and attending folk and square dance festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area. By college, he was a popular square dance caller. His love of dance and his enthusiasm for fun, family-oriented activities led him to specialize in Barn Dance programs for groups that have no previous dance experience. 


Over the next two decades Carl was a Dance Leader / Emcee for schools, churches, YMCA, company parties, youth and senior citizen groups throughout the Bay Area. When he moved to the Mid-West, he opened the Branson Dance Barn in Branson, MO. In early 2011, he started CBDanceman to provide NW Arkansas and surrounding communities with a unique and much needed social activity. 

In July of 2019, Carl returns to Northern California.! His goal is to introduce everyone to a fun, old-time family-oriented experience that America grew up with, before TV and the internet. 

Whether it’s a Church Social, Barn Dance, community picnic, youth club activity, or school function - 

Dancing is Fun for Everyone, Set to Music!